Papa Boost

The Papa Boost is as simple as it is essential. Turn it on and you will probably never turn it off! It can be used in a huge variety of situations and styles. Use it as a clean boost to push over the edge your amp, stack it with another drive pedal to add fatness and punch or add dirt and more than a little hair to your sound by increasing the gain…And the Papa Boost does all of that while retaining the character of your amp and guitar. What about headroom and volume? Thanks to the its internal voltage regulator the Papa Boost takes the external 9V DC and boost it to 15V for an increased headroom, volume and dynamic. Papa Boost has also a secret weapon…the Spark control! A pre-boost with variable mids control that allows you to add spark to the Papa’s engine for cutting solos and a spunkier tone or, alternatively, tame the spark for a smoother, warmer tone. At any settings it will clean up well with the guitar volume control and let you hear any variation in fingers or pick attack. Still you, still your guitar, still your amp…but better! 

And one more thing…there is an internal switch that allows you to increase the compression and push the Papa Boost more into smooth overdriven tones.


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Clean or Fat?

Clean or Fat? Let the Output control answer for you. It will give you access to plenty of volume and headroom to be used in a variety of occasions: whether it is to get out of the mix for your solos or to hit harder the front-end of your amp or to boost the drive of an other overdrive or distortion pedal (the Papa Boost works really well when paired with the Mamma Drive…well, no surprise there!) or to add some fatness to a clean tone, you can trust the Papa Boost to do all the hard work for you. 

How dirty?

Yes, you guessed it! The answer is in just 2 knobs. It works just as you would expect, give Papa more Fuel to add dirt and increase Level to fly higher! Here is a little trick that works like magic: set your amp as you like (clean, edge of break up or distorted, whatever you prefer) then engage the Papa Boost with minimum Fuel (AKA Gain) and starting from low Level find the unity gain. From then on any increase in Output will result in fatter sound and more sustain, then dial in the Gain to add some dirt. Here you go, it’s that simple! You want more gain? Stack another drive pedal or increase the gain of your amp and start again.    

Increased Headroom 

The Papa Boost takes the standard external 9V DC power supply and boost it internally to 15V, increasing Headroom and dynamics. You will be able to hit the front end of your amp as hard as you want and increase the volume with or without dirt. 

Spark: your secret weapon! 

Our Papa Boost has a secret weapon…you can add a spark to its engine by simply turning the Spark (yes, you guessed it) knob clockwise! Or if you wish to tame the spark and travel smoother, with more boost on the lower mids, rotate the Spark knob anticlockwise. The Spark control is a an active pre-boost that allows you to move the emphasised frequencies. Turn the Spark to the right to add more chime for a more funky, spunky sound or to add a richer high mids to your solos. Tame the Spark for a smoother, focused tone. Your Spark secret weapon will add a variety of sonic possibilities to your sound whether your Papa Boost is used in addition to your favourite drive pedal (both Mamma Drive and Turbo Nonna love Papa Boost…they are a very lovable family indeed and they do love each other!) or whether used alone as a boost to your amp.

Well, another secret weapon…a headroom level switch!

Ok, another surprise. Like the Turbo Nonna, Papa Boost hides a switch under its lid. By default Papa Boost boosts internally the 9V input to 15V but you can also turn off the voltage boost and simply work with the input 9V if you wanted too. That means that you will be able to reduce its headroom and add compression and grit, in other words with just the flip of a switch the Papa Boost can be pushed more towards a mid-gain Overdrive and back. I know what you are thinking, yes, you are right, it would definitely be a good idea to have 2 Papa Boost on your pedalboard, one as a boost and the other as an overdrive.

Main Features:

  • Simple, 3 knobs controls
  • Very Transparent: still you, still your guitar, still your amp…but better!
  • Clean or Fat Boost
  • Gain Control to add (more than) a little hair to your sound
  • Spark control: a very useful pre-boost/active EQ
  • Internally converts the input voltage (9V-12V) to 15V for increased headroom (selectable via hidden switch)
  • Hidden switch to reduce headroom and increase gain and compression
  • True Bypass
  • Power: 9V to 12V DC Centre Negative
  • Die-cast Aluminium enclosure
  • Dimensions: 112mmx68mmx49mm (4.4’’x2.7’’x1.9’’)